Nohay 2018 MP3 download

Nohay 2018 MP3 download- If you want to download mp3 Nohay 2018 then in this page you can easily download nohay 2018 free

Nohay 2018 MP3 download

Noha is a female Arabic name that means pleural of the brain; brains, it also means wisdom and knowledge. Not to be confused with Nuha.(

Marsiya and Noha has the historical and social milieu of pre-Islamic Arabic and Persian culture. The sub-parts of Marsiya are called Noha and Soaz which means lamentation. It is usually a poem of mourning. Lamentation has a central part in the literature of the followers and devotees of the Shia sect and its offshoots. The tradition of elegizing Hussain and the Karbala tragedy is not limited to Arabic speaking poets, poets from different languages have also contributed a significant poetic literature in their language.Nohay 2018 MP3 download

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Nohay Video Audio
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Number Noha Title/ Name Download
1 Mazloom Kay Safeer DOWNLOAD
2 Kwhti Hai Ruqaiya S.A Se Muslim DOWNLOAD
4 Haye Abbas DOWNLOAD
5 Haye Zehra S.A DOWNLOAD
6 Hussain A.S Ya Hussain A.S DOWNLOAD
7 Karbala DOWNLOAD
8 Kithe Aheen Asghar DOWNLOAD
9 Na Veer Gareeb Sada DOWNLOAD
10 Sakina S.A Dadhi Gurbat DOWNLOAD
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