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Jeeto Pakistan Passes and Registration Live Jeeto Pakistan SMS Number-Jeeto Pakistan is a Pakistani diversion indicate which is facilitated by performer Fahad Mustafa and is communicating over channel ARY Digital.

The amusement indicate was at first propelled on May eighteenth, 2014 and from that point forward it has been airing on the channel on 07:30 PM (PST) on Fridays, and Sundays, live from ARY Studio in Karachi.

The amusement indicate has been called as “The Biggest Game Show” of Pakistan, whose group of onlookers and members have been arbitrarily chosen from a studio gathering of people who expect goes to go to the show.

The diversion demonstrate is isolated into numerous portions, every one of which offers the hopefuls prizes which incorporate bicycle, autos, bikes, home machines, get-away bundles, gold and even some money prizes also.

Jeeto Pakistan Live Call Number

Jeeto Pakistan Passes and Registration- Online Jeeto Pakistan SMS Number

Members need to finish some test or recreations errands given by the show have. Win Pakistan amusement indicate is subsidized by backers and every one of the prizes are given by the support accomplices, publicists and business brands for their image advertising.

For the most part, this show is communicated from Karachi yet once in a while from different urban areas like Lahore, Islamabad or from Dubai on extraordinary events.

Which is the helpline number of jeeto Pakistan If you need to partake in this diversion show and you have no clue that how to take an interest in this show then you can contact and helpline numbers Show?

At that point, you can request that all the methodology partakes in Jeeto Pakistan and the way toward getting goes to this diversion appear. Numerous People take an interest in this show and appreciate the distinctive amusement and undertaking by the host Fahad Mustafa and get numerous endowments and prizes.

Some fortunate individuals get enormous prizes like as another brand Car, Umrah tickets, Dubai returns tickets and Gold and so on. It is a major transmission of ARY Digital channel and the rating of this program amusement indicate is high when contrasted with another diversion shows of Pakistan.

Jeeto Pakistan Live Call Number

This big show Live Call Number is an opportunity to participate in this show. If You are lucky one than your call may be attended by officials and you can participate in this show or you can get a bike or any other product suggested by the Fahad Mustafa.

Jeeto Pakistan Phone Number | live call number 2017

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How to Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes?

jeeto Pakistan live call number

There are numerous tricks meandering around about giving the goes for this show. An obscure trick aggregate is sending instant messages (SMS) to arbitrary individuals asserting that they won the prize or the section go for the diversion appear and to get the pronounced prize or pass you need to call a specific number and send a specific measure of cash to guarantee your prize. Be that as it may, be careful, they are for the most part tricks.

Welcome for the program is just through amusement demonstrate coordinators or you can send an application shape on ARY computerized site or you can utilize following techniques to get yourself enlisted to take an interest in the diversion to appear:

Participating in Jeeto Pakistan Through Call or SMS

To Participate in Jeeto Pakistan, call: 111 279 111

or SMS your name, CNIC & mobile number to 0337-0359527


Participating in Jeeto Pakistan Through Online Form


Open the following link, and fill out the form


Jeeto Pakistan Registration & Invitation Through Mobile App

This Show also has a mobile app through which you can practice different games, you can also visit their picture gallery or watch live streaming of the show. You can also send an application or Request for an invitation by filling out a form & provide your personal information. You can also download  Android APP

Download ARY Win Pakistan APP

Jeeto Pakistan Passes by Shopping From Particular Shops.

You can also get this show passes by shopping from particular shops. There are many shops in Karachi which give you chance to win passes of this big show if you buy products especially Gold and jewelry from them. You can also use their particular Debit Card for shopping.

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