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How to Submit a URL to

How to Submit a URL to, in the past Ask Jeeves, is an Internet search motor that you can use to discover important Web pages in light of particular catchphrases. In case you’re a website proprietor, getting your website indexed and positioned in significant search engines, for example, can profit the accomplishment of your website. To present your website to, you should have a sitemap in XML arrange transferred to your Web server. You would then be able to present the sitemap URL specifically to utilizing the accommodation URL.

How to Submit a URL to

Step 1.

Open a text editor on your computer and paste in the following submission URL:

Step 2.

Replace “” with the URL of your website sitemap. Don’t include “http” or “https” at the beginning of your URL. Your sitemap must be in XML format.


Step 3.

Launch your Web browser and copy and paste the entire submission URL, including your sitemap, into the browser address bar and press “Enter.” A confirmation message from appears in the browser.


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