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BSc BA ADP English Poem When I Have Fears By John Keats Summary & Introduction

English Poem When I Have Fears By John Keats


When I Have Fears (John Keats) Introduction

This is a very beautiful sonnet in which the poet tells us about his fear of hasty death. He knew that his mother as well as his brother had got T.B. which was an incurable disease in those days. So when he himself got T.B., he knew would die a premature death – and he really died at the young age of 25. In this sonnet he presents the fear that he may die before he has given expression to his high and noble ideas. He also tells that love and fame are unimportant things for a dying person.

When I Have Fears (John Keats) Summary

The poet is afraid the he may die before he is able to put down on paper all those high and noble ideas which are present in his mind and before a number of books are ready to hold the treasure of his deep knowledge. When he sees the twinkling stars and clouds moving here and there in the sky, he fears that he may die before writing their romantic tale. He then feels upset. He addresses his beloved and says that he may never live long to enjoy her love. He feels himself to be a solitary spirit. Fame and love are nothing to this lonely soul because both of these are short-lived and unimportant.

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