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 English Poem The Vanishing Village by R. S. Thomas Summary & Introduction

English Poem The Vanishing Village (R. S. Thomas)


The poem is a sort of elegy for a deserted village. Village, according to the great philosopher, Plato, is basic unit of human civilization. The poet is sad and sorrowful to see the village vanishing but he feels an under-current of life which gives him hope for a better future of the village.


The Vanishing Village (R. S. Thomas) Summary

The poet gives a graphic picture of a deserted village. He tells that there is only one street in the village and even that street comes to an end at the top of the hill. There are only a few houses, one shop and one inn in the village. The name “village ” hardly suits the little population. The only street has become covered at the sides with overgrowing greenery such as bushes and grass etc.
There is no visible activity in the village. A black dog that is very old and historic lying there moving his fleas away from him. But then there is a girl moving from door to door who seems to be a guarantee for the future of the village.

The poet prays for the better future of the village because according to Plato, the world’s greatest philosopher, village is the axis of human life, i.e., it is the basic unit of human civilization and population.

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