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English Poem After Apple Picking (Robert Frost) Important Questions English Poem After Apple Picking (By Robert Frost) Summary & Introduction

English Poem After Apple Picking (By Robert Frost) Summary & Introduction

English Poem After Apple Picking (By Robert Frost)


fter Apple Picking (Robert Frost) Introduction

This is a sweet poem in which we find the narrator so tired of his daily routine-work that he is going to sleep. He is so fed up of his work that he is even ready to die. He tries to imagine what type of sleep is he going to have – and then leaves the answer on the imagination of the readers. Thus he blends the real and the fanciful in a strange manner in this poem.

After Apple Picking (Robert Frost) Summary

The narrator is too busy with apple picking. He has wished for a bumper crops and his wish has been granted. He has stuck his two pointed ladder through a tree and is picking apples. He has been continuously doing the work from the morning and now he has got dead tired. Although there is still an empty barrel waiting to be filled with apples and there are two or three apples on a branch he didn’t pick, yet he does not want to continue the work anymore. He is on one hand totally fed up with apple-picking and on the other hand the sweet, heavy smell of picked apples is inducing him to sleep.

He is so overcome by sleep that he is unable to work even if he so desires. All familiar objects of nature are assuming unfamiliar shapes. He is unable to remove a thin sort of film that has come in his eyes and that resembles transparent glass or snowflake. He is so hazy that he is unable to distinguish between forms. He is going to sleep although he knows what kind of dream he will see. He thinks that he will see apples, very big apples, in his dream. May be it will be a a long sleep as that of a woodchuck (who remains dormant throughout the long winter months). Rather he is even ready for that if his sleep is going to be a sleep of (real) death as he is unable to do any more job!

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