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Download UIDAI E Aadhaar Card Online | by UID No. / Enrollment No. -Presently it is a very decent and better approach to E Aadhar Card Download.

Presently it is a very decent and better approach to get your lost aadhaar card back by your Aadhar Number(UID) or Enrollment Id (EID). Nowadays you can convey aadhar card either printed duplicate or mAadhaar in android application. You can E Aadhar Card Download whenever and anywhere. in the event that your aadhaar card has been lost then you can get back again. The government of India is encouraging that you can E Aadhar Card Download and this will be valid as the same as original and can give the duplicate of it as the identity verification.

E Aadhar Card Download

Download UIDAI E Aadhaar Card Online

  1. Visit official aadhaar website of UIDAI
  2. Use link / click on the link “Download Aadhaar”
  3. You will see a form after visiting aadhar website.
  4. There are two option button (I Have)
  5. (A).Aadhaar (B).Enrolment ID
  6. Select I Have “Aadhaar”
  7. Enter your 12 digit aadhaar number
  8. Enter your Complete name as given on your aadhaar card / Enrolment slip.
  9. Enter your Area Pin code in PIN Code input field.
  10. Now you have to enter the security code as visible in curved text image.
  11. TOTP (Time based One Time Password). This is an optional field. You can download aadhaar card without OTP if you have the mAadhaar android app in your smartphone.
  12. Click on Request OTP.
  13. If you find an error then you can not download your aadhaar card online. Now you have to go to your nearest aadhaar center and further, they will solve your issue, they will give your aadhaar card using your biometric fingerprint.
  14. You will get a 6 digit OTP Number(One Time Password) in your mobile as SMS.
  15. Enter the 6 digit OTP Number in the bottom or last field of the form.
  16. Click on Download Aadhaar button.
  17. After this, your aadhaar card will automatically download in your browser.
  18. It will be in PDF format, You can Open your aadhaar Pdf using adobe acrobat reader or using google chrome or any pdf reader application.
  19. You are required to Enter a password for opening your aadhaar card pdf file.
  20. Password of the pdf is a combination of your capital letter first four alphabets of your name with your year of birth. Suppose that your name is Rizwan and your year of birth is 1994 then your password is as Example like RizWan2000

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  1. Is it mandatory to enrol for Aadhaar to file tax returns or apply for PAN in India?

    If yes, then what is the process for NRIs?

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