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9th Class Physics Guess Paper 2019 -You can download 9th Class Physics Guess Paper.our website you can download free of cost physics guess papers for the year 2019. These guess papers are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams and after great efforts by teachers specialized in physics, we come up with these guess papers.

9th Class Physics Guess Paper

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These papers will help all kinds of students who want to score good grades in this tricky subject, whether you are weak, average or bright student. The students who usually start their examination at eleventh hour, our guess paper are the exact material they want right now. Our guess paper fulfills all boards of education criteria for physics course across Pakistan.

Short Question

  • branches, scientfc notations&exampl, base/derivd units&exampls, physical&elctronic balanc, signifcant figurs, zero eror, rest&motion, scalar&vector, linear&random/ circular&rotatry motion, distance&displacemnt, acelration, speed,vlocity, dynamics, mass&weight, inertia, newton 1st&3rd law, centriptal&centrifugal force, limiting friction&eq,friction&its reducing, bankng of road,cream seprators, momnt arm,centr of gravity,couple, law of gravitation&eq, difernt valus of g, like&unlik forcs,stable&neutral equlibrum,uses of comuncation satelite,work&joul, enrgy&4typs, power&watt,k.e&p.

Long Question

2nd&3rd eq of motion, newton 1st&2nd law, importanc of vector quantitis,law of consrvation of momentm, 1st condition of equlibrum, braking&skidng,centripetal force,mas of earth, use of conductor&non condctnrs, motion of artificial satlite, pascal law&hydralic pres,archimedes princple, kinetic enrgy,pressur&formula, submarin&ship,thermal expansion&eq of linear thrmal expansn.


Principle of moments,+&-zero eror, graph, vrnier calipr.

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